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Graduate Alumni News

Graduate Alumni News




Samantha Atzeni is a TCNJ alumna who graduated with a BA in Professional Writing/Journalism and a MA in English. She has been very busy since graduation, spending her time teaching, writing, and researching.

Currently, Samantha is an adjunct faculty member at Bucks County Community College (BCCC).  At BCCC she teaches composition courses and works as a faculty student advisor.  Also, Samantha is very active in the tutoring center and received the part-time faculty award for her work there last spring.

In 2011, Samantha presented her paper, “The Death of Captain America: A Look at Superheroes, Ourselves, and the Autoethnography in Jeph Loeb’s Fallen Son” at the Annual Conference, Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Cultural Association in Philadelphia and served as a panel chair. Samantha describes her research as consisting of “semiotics and postmodern studies with a bit of popular culture thrown in.”

Samantha is in the process of writing a paper about Tim Burton and the sacred feminine and the “mean girls” of DC comics.  Also, she is writing her first graphic novel with her future husband (comic book writer Adam Wilson) called The M.O.T.H.E.R. Principle, with plans to be published in 2013.

Samantha will be a presenter at TCNJ’s upcoming panel “Presenting your Scholarship at a Literary Conference,” on December 3rd and this spring she will be teaching at TCNJ. We are excited to have Samantha back on campus and wish her great success with her graphic novel and future publications!






Kristen Dunleavy is a two time TCNJ alumna.  Graduating from TCNJ with her BA in Special Education in 2004, Kristen went on to complete her MA in School Counseling with TCNJ, finishing in 2006.

Six years later Kristen is a successful teacher, role model, and active community member.  In celebration of National Mobility Awareness month, and as a tribute to her perseverance, independent nature, and community service, Kristen was nominated by her sisters, Colleen and Caitlin Dunleavy, as a Local Hero.

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