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Non-Degree Programs

(The following programs are those active for admissions. Please refer to application deadlines and requirements at

Code Degree Program Prerequisite
COUN_CER02 (old code CPSH) SCT Student Assistance Coordinator
EDAD_SCT02 SCT Educational Leadership Principal Certification Post-Master’s Master’s, valid instructional or educational services certificate, and completion of at least 3 years of successful educational experience under certificate.
ESLA_SCT01 (old code ESLA) SCT Teaching English as a Second Language Certification
ESLA_SCT02 (old code ESLB) SCT Bilingual Certification
WGST_CER01 SCT Gender Studies
PBHL_CER01 SCT Public Health
NURS_SCT02 (old code NURU) SCT Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Post Master’s Master’s
NURS_SCT04 (old code NURV) SCT Family Nurse Practitioner Certification (For Specialist NP’s) Post Master’s Master’s
NURS_SCT03 (old code NURX) SCT Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Post Master’s Master’s
NURS_SCT08 SCT School Nurse Non-Instructional Certificate BSN, plus specific coursework
NURS_SCT09 SCT School Nurse Instructional Certificate Requires prior completion of non-instructional certificate
READ_SCT01 (old code RDGB) SCT Reading Specialist Certification Master’s
SPEC_SCT01 (old code SEDG) SCT Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant Master’s and NJ certification as teacher of students with disabilities
SPEC_SCT02 (old code SEDH) SCT Teacher of Students with Disabilities Post-Baccalaureate Requires a CEAS or standard certificate in Elementary or Secondary with teachable major
SPEC_SCT05 (old code SEDW) SCT Teacher of Students with Blindness or Visual Impairments Master’s and CEAS or standard certificate in Elementary or Secondary with teachable major