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School Personnel Licensure, Preschool – Grade 3

Program Coordinator
Dr. Jody Eberly

School Personnel Licensure, Preschool – Grade 3 (EDPK) 15 cr.

The need for Early Childhood Education specialized alternate route licensure is shown by evidence specific to The College of New Jersey, current changes in the state, and national research on the importance of specialized knowledge in early childhood education. The College of New Jersey has offered a highly regarded early childhood education program for over 140 years. Recent court-mandated and legislative initiatives have resulted in mandatory preschool for 4 year olds in over 150 Early Childhood Program Aid school districts and for 3 year olds in the 30 neediest of these districts.

It is clear from the research that effective early childhood education programs for children from low income families have teachers with intensive and specialized training in the particular educational and social needs of young children and who have the broad education represented by a bachelors degree. Employing teachers with state certification in early childhood education, or its equivalent, is strongly related to positive outcomes for young children. The very recent National Academy of Sciences Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy (2000) has joined the NAEYS and the NEA in recommending specialized certification for teachers of young children.