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Application Requirements for Student Assistance Coordinator

Student Assistance Coordinator Program

Student Assistance Coordinator

Program Code: COUN_CER02

Counselor Education Requirements

Admissions Questionnaire Addendum

Please complete on screen by filling in the form fields, save the document, and attach to your online application.

» Download Required Addendum for Counselor Education

National Standardized Admission Tests

Applicants to the Student Assistance Coordinator program are not required to take the GRE.

» View Graduate Admission Testing Information and Waivers

Resume/CV Addendum

Your resume/CV should be accompanied by a bulleted list of all of your activities in each of the categories below.

RELATED PRE-PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, including, but not limited to: Volunteer community service and/or Participation in student organizations; Internships, Work-study and/or Student teaching experiences; or Summer jobs, Relevant part-time employment, and/or work in Residence Life

RELATED PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, including, but are not limited to: teaching, counseling, case management, nursing, social work, clergy, and addiction counseling experiences in a paraprofessional role

Please be sure to provide the dates for your participation in each listed activity.