The College of New Jersey

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About TCNJ Graduate Programs

For students seeking professional or personal advancement, TCNJ offers high-quality, fully accredited programs with an emphasis on connecting theory, research, and practice. Courses are offered in a broad array of settings on practical schedule, with both face-to-face and blended learning experiences.

Graduate Programs Offered In the Following Areas English/Gender Studies Advanced study in literature,
literary theory, and
gender studies.
Education A breadth of programs
to inspire exemplary teachers,
leaders, and advocates.
Counseling Programs to prepare clinicians
for licensure to work
in various settings.
Public Health Specialized programs
to equip professionals to
address healthcare issues.
Nursing Extensive programs to train
clinical nurse leaders,
school nurses, and NPs.
Integrative STEM An integrative, design-centric,
advanced program for
in-service PK-12 teachers.
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High Incomes, High Graduation Rates

The College Scorecard spotlights TCNJ as one of just two small public colleges nationwide that have high graduation rates leading to high incomes.

U.S. Department of Education

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Register for the Graduate Open House on Wednesday, September 9th @ 4 pm