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RTC Virtual Orientation

We have created this page to serve as a repository for orientation-related information and as a resource for students in the RTC program.


All students must attend a New Student Orientation program with Dr. Alan Amtzis, Program Director, to discuss course selection and study plans. Dates for upcoming orientation programs can be found at


Health Services

Students are required to complete health forms and submit immunization records to the Health Services office prior to the start of the semester. A registration hold will be placed on the accounts of those students who have not provided this information.


Course Schedules

Course schedules are available through the Regional Training Center.


Registration & Course Payment

Once you have communicated with Dr. Amtzis, you may register for classes via the RTC website or by calling RTC at 1-800-433-4740. Payment for your courses should be made directly to RTC. Any necessary receipts or proof of payment can be obtained through RTC.


TCNJ Student ID (PAWS ID) Number and E-mail

PAWS ID numbers are included in all official grade reports or decision letters from The College of New Jersey.  You must input your PAWS ID through Account Lookup to look up your account information.  For more detailed instruction on how to obtain this information click here. Account Lookup Tutorial Video

The username and password obtained through Account Lookup can be used to access myTCNJ, PAWS, library resources, and TCNJ e-mail. TCNJ e-mail is considered the official form of communication at the College. It is your responsibility to read College e-mails. Forwarding your TCNJ e-mail to another account you might check more frequently is possible.


Technology Resources

For additional technology resources and assistance, visit the IT web page or contact the Help Desk at 609-771-2660 or



Please visit the library website for library hours and an orientation to resources and services.


Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are available six weeks after completing a TCNJ/RTC course. Beginning July 1, 2009, transcript requests must be submitted through PAWS.  See our 6 Easy Steps – Transcript Request instruction sheet for more information, or view the Transcript Request Tutorial Video.


Leave of Absence

If a situation arises in which a student must cease coursework for more than one semester, a Leave of Absence form must be filed with The Office of Records and Registration indicating the duration of the leave and the intended date of return.  Once the leave period ends, the student must contact The Office of Records and Registration to restore active student status.

Please Note: A leave of absence differs from a withdrawal from the program.  A withdrawal is a permanent leave with no intention to resume study.  If a student wishes to re-enter the program after a withdrawal is completed, a new application for admission must be filed with the Office of Graduate Studies (by the stated deadline).



To graduate, you must complete an Application for Conferral of Advanced Degree and pay the $100 graduation fee by the set deadline.  Beginning July 1, 2009, fees can be paid on PAWS or by check/money order to The Office of Student Financial Services (payable to The College of New Jersey) and will be subject to a $35 late fee if not received by the deadline.  As noted above, the completion deadlines for this form will be included in e-mails sent to your TCNJ e-mail account. For more information on graduation and diploma information, please visit the Records and Registration WebsiteIt is the student’s responsibility to apply for graduation in accordance with the set deadlines distributed via campus e-mail.


How to look up an account on PAWS.






How to login into PAWS.






How to request a transcript on PAWS.

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